3Pworx Case Studies

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Consulting: "Efficient methods and procedures for the introduction of professional project management into the company"

Realization: "Efficient and sustainable project management by the example of the "New Doha International Airport"

Transfer: "Sustainable qualification model in project management"

Implementing Agile Project Management System: "Effective methods for successfully implementing an agile project management system"

Implementing Scrum and Atlassian - JIRA and Confluence: "Implementation of Scrum and tool support by Atlassian - JIRA and Confluence"

Project Management Office (PMO): "Development potentials in the context of observing scenarios in a future PMO"

Project Audit: Project audit with OPM3"

PM Health Check: "Status-Quo-Analysis in Project Management"

Program Management: "Program Management integration into the corporate strategy of a company"

Multi Project Management: "Strategies to implement Multi-Project Management into the company"

Portfolio Management: "Building an efficient and sustainable project portfolio management within the company"

Crisis Management: "Successfully leading of projects out of the crisis"

Business Intelligence: "Tool-Supported BI-Implementation in Project Management"

Interim Management: "Qualified Interim-Management in project work scenarios"

Systemic Project Management: "Systemic Project Management: Benefits and added value"

Project Cockpit: "The most important KPIs for a powerful project cockpit"

Risk Management: "Introduction of an efficient risk management methodology in offshore wind power"

PM Cloud: "Project Management in the Cloud"

PM Coaching: "PM Coaching: Benefits and added value"

Sustainable Project ManagementPractical Guide to Methods and Tools for Sustainable Project Management"

International Project Management: "Success factors in international project management"

Method Kit: "Best practice method kit in project management"

PM Qualification: "Choices and Opportunities for PM Qualification"

MS Project Server: "Best practices in implementing MS Project Server"

MS Project Online: "Best practices in implementing MS-Project Online"

SAP S/4 HANA: "Best practices in implementing and concersion to SAP S / 4 HANA"

Atlassian JIRA: "Best-Practices in implementing Atlassian JIRA"

BI PUBLISHER: "Sustainable Project Reporting and Controlling with ORACLE-BI Publisher"

ORACLE BPM: "Agile business process modeling and implementation in the field of multi-project management"

Primavera Gateway: "Primavera Gateway Introduction - Tips and Tricks"

P6 Analytics: "Application of P6 Analytics in practice"

P6 PPM: "Case Study: Using Primavera P6 PPM in plant engineering"

P6 EPPM: "Case Study: Application of P6 Primavera EPPM in the Renewable Energies Sector"

P6 Unifier: "Case study: P6 Unifier as a cloud-based project solution"

P6 Instantis: "Case study: P6 Instantis as a cloud-based project portfolio management solution"

P6 SAP: "Case study: Integration of Oracle Primavera to ERP systems (SAP)"

PM Tools:
PM-Toolrating: "Evaluation Criteria for selection of a project management software"

PMS Startup Package: "Efficient methods and processes for sustainable implementation of a project management software"

PMS Maintenance Package: "Professional operation and maintenance of a project management software"